How Conservatives Are Neutralized

Conservatives tend to be decent human beings and good neighbors. There are exceptions, of course, but those cluster around people who use conservatism as a cover for their sins. I’ll ignore those people for the rest of this post.

Conservatives tend to focus on principles… on right and wrong. This is generally a good thing, but it’s a problem for rulers, who want to use their power without being critiqued. Continue reading “How Conservatives Are Neutralized”

The News Is Designed To Break Your Will

More or less every adult knows there are serious problems with “the news,” by which I refer to the alphabet soup of news organizations plus fact-checked social media. Most of them, however, are smallish things; legitimately bad, but not the central issue.

What matters most about the news is that it’s designed… structured… to soften and break human will. All else pales compared to this.

This “breaking of will” turns on a single fact: That acts of will require you to expend energy. Every time you see a lie and say, “I don’t think so,” you have to expend energy… energy you could have used for other things. And if the people around you believe the lie, the energy required to maintain your will shoots sky-high. Continue reading “The News Is Designed To Break Your Will”

Return Engagements: Book Three (Part Eight)

The actual crash site was… mundane. Reading about it fifty years after the fact, you easily imagine that being there would give you some sort of powerful experience, but the truth is that it felt more or less like everything else.

I’ve witnessed several miraculous events over my lifetime (literally miraculous things), and the thing that struck me about them was that they didn’t feel terribly religious and overpowering as they occurred. They were other-than-ordinary events, to be sure, but they didn’t feel like reality was being torn asunder and then reconnected. Continue reading “Return Engagements: Book Three (Part Eight)”

We Already Have Clean Energy

The phrase “clean energy” has emanated from official podiums, world over, in recent years. The implication, of course, is that the energy sources we’ve been using are filthy. That, however, is not the case. We already have and use clean energy. And it is far, far better than replacements the podiums expect us to suffer for.

We use clean energy every day, and it works exceedingly well. I think we should be happy about that. Continue reading “We Already Have Clean Energy”

The Beauty And Simplicity of Moral Clarity

My novel, The Breaking Dawn, opens in the voice of a man who believes himself to be the luckiest man ever born. He explains a bit about his gifts, then points the reader to the greatest of his blessings, that of clarity. He asks the reader to imagine living through their life a second time, knowing in advance when all the traumas would erupt, and experiencing far less fear than everyone else. This, he says, might give them a sense of how things were for him. He concludes with this: Continue reading “The Beauty And Simplicity of Moral Clarity”

Return Engagements: Book Three (Part Seven)

By late June I was getting anxious. I had spent days at a time writing out everything I could remember and cross-checking with then-available information as best I could, but there were large gaps, especially concerning the timing of the crash… and apparently the crashes.

I had identified two nice places to hide our big delivery truck so it couldn’t be seen from the road, and there was scarcely a place anywhere along the route where we’d have difficulty cutting through the fencing. This was a very remote area. Continue reading “Return Engagements: Book Three (Part Seven)”

Forgiving Ourselves

I think we’ve all heard people say that in order to repair a relationship, it’s necessary to forgive the other person first… to accept that they, like you, have their flaws, and that you will no longer hold them to account for what they did.

Those of us who were able to follow that advice know that while it doesn’t solve everything, it is necessary. We’ve also learned that to honestly forgive does something to us; something deep and healthy. Continue reading “Forgiving Ourselves”

Return Engagements: Book Three (Part Six)

It was right around the 17th that the probes from Renn’s world met at the Kupier belt, sent a signal back to their base, and headed toward the first nuclear event site on Earth. That was the last signal Renn’s people ever received.

They didn’t get that signal for some years, of course; it had to travel an incredible distance, and even with all the tricks Renn’s people had, it still took a long time. I wanted to discuss quantum entanglement with him (something that might make Star Trek’s subspace communication work), but I never got around to it. Continue reading “Return Engagements: Book Three (Part Six)”

Woke Is Our Problem To Fix

Woke is most certainly a problem, especially because it has overtaken the institutions of the West. Fundamentally, however, Woke is a problem residing in individual humans. And because those humans are our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and neighbors, fixing it falls to us. The people involved may disappoint us and even insult us, but we may not give up on them.

And so I’d like to address the practical side of this problem. Continue reading “Woke Is Our Problem To Fix”

Children Must Be Made To Work

Children are ignorant, but not stupid; small, but not insignificant. And while the role they are able to play in the world is necessarily limited, it need not and should not be zero.

Children need to work and to contribute to their families; not so much for the sake of the family, but for their personal development. Children need to learn responsibility at a very early age; they must know that they can contribute, and since their natural tendency is to evade work in favor of play, they must be made to work. Continue reading “Children Must Be Made To Work”