Just Three Words

The statement I’ll be making today is simple… very simple. Nonetheless, I think it’s of tremendous importance. It’s the type of thing that, if kept sufficiently in mind, can revise your mental universe.

It’s the type of thing that makes me want to write, “Meditate on this at least once per day for several years.” This concept can not only revamp you, but could revamp humanity. 

So, here are those three words: Continue reading “Just Three Words”

Follow-Up On The Social Contract

Last week we examined the “social contract” in some depth, to see if it passes as a legal concept. This week we’ll examine two follow-up issues: one that I didn’t mention and one that I mentioned, but didn’t delve into.

And for those who missed last week’s post, we started by noting that the social contract is the concept that describes the origin of society and the legitimacy of the authority of the state over the individual. It asserts that all of us have consented to surrender some of our rights to a ruling group, in exchange for the protection of our remaining rights. Continue reading “Follow-Up On The Social Contract”

Is The Social Contract Legit?

The social contract is a description of “the origin of society and the legitimacy of the authority of the state over the individual.” The social contract asserts that all of us have consented to surrender some of our rights to a ruling group, in exchange for the protection of our remaining rights.

The question I’ll address today is whether this is a legitimate contract. Continue reading “Is The Social Contract Legit?”

Cultural Appropriation Is A Good And Necessary Thing

Sadly, I keep hearing stories about people slashing at each other for “cultural appropriation.” I had hoped this issue would die on its own, but evidently it hasn’t. And so I think it’s worth a brief post.

Cultural appropriation refers to a sort of robbery: the stealing of something created by a member of one group, by a member of some other group. The most common example I’ve run into is when someone of a lighter skin tone quotes Martin Luther King, Jr., and is told that they’re not allowed to do that, because they’re stealing the words of a black man. Continue reading “Cultural Appropriation Is A Good And Necessary Thing”

Start Your Days With Healthy Images

It’s a massive waste of time and energy, not to mention seriously depressing, to turn on your computer in the morning and get slapped with the worst news that can be found. It is a blow to your overall health.

Veraverba.com, our sister site, is now an alternative. We are working up to a 365 day rotation of images and brief explanations of good, noble and uplifting things. It’s the right way for humans to begin their days. Continue reading “Start Your Days With Healthy Images”

Jefferson’s Warnings

People remember Thomas Jefferson mainly for the Declaration of Independence, which he wrote in 1776. Some remember that he served as president from 1801 to 1809, but aside from that, few know much more of his life and work. In fact, he lived and worked until 1826, when he died on July 4th, fifty years to the day after the ratification of his Declaration.

What’s lost to history is that Jefferson was convinced Americans were losing their fight for freedom. Continue reading “Jefferson’s Warnings”

Podcast: The 2 Sigma Improvement

For some time I’ve been talking about upgrading human processes and behavior from a primate model – or, more properly from a hybrid model – to a post-primate model. I’m so deeply convinced of the importance of this that I’ve been devoting a good deal of time and effort to it. And recently I’ve found reasons to believe that a change from our hybrid primate model to a post-primate model would be in the range of a 2 sigma improvement… a very large improvement.

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Have You Asked An Interesting Question Today?

This line, which I’m swiping from Izzy Rabi’s mom, would be a good thing to write on billboards and bumper stickers, as persistent reminders that we should all ask something interesting every day.

Notice that I’m not saying “Ask the hard questions,” or “ask a smart question,” only that we each ask an interesting question each day. If we did, I think we’d be much improved creatures after only a few years. Continue reading “Have You Asked An Interesting Question Today?”

The Corporatization Of Everything (Serfdom In Our Time)

I’m quite serious about the serfdom part. Please read on.

If you want millions of dollars thrown at your new company, the way to do it is in “tech,” which usually means a new Internet service. If you can find a way to suck a new part of people’s lives from the world of atoms to the world of data, your odds are good… far greater than trying to launch a construction company. Continue reading “The Corporatization Of Everything (Serfdom In Our Time)”