Suffering For Righteousness Marks You As A Man

Or a proper woman, of course.

Up until political correctness enfeebled the West, we used to talk about things that “separated the men from the boys.” And however poorly the phrase may have been used, it had a legitimate point: It’s one thing to be male, it’s quite another to be a proper man.

The same obviously applies to women: It’s one thing to be female and quite another to be a proper woman. We used the male version of the phrase because most women’s roles were different (necessarily different) in the days before reliable birth control. 

But on whichever side of the biological divide you find yourself, it’s suffering for righteousness that confirms you as legitimate, solid adult… as someone to be taken seriously. Continue reading “Suffering For Righteousness Marks You As A Man”

Habits Are A Superpower

Habits can help us immensely or hurt us immensely, and if we don’t pay attention to them, they will be formed in us by accidental processes. And over time they make such a tremendous difference in our happiness and effectiveness that they really are like a superpower. 

One night, thirty years ago now, I found myself listening to Milt Rosenberg’s magnificent radio show (the best interview show I’ve ever known) as he was interviewing Margaret Thatcher, the former Prime Minister of England. In the middle of the interview, in just a passing comment, she said this: Continue reading “Habits Are A Superpower”


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The Working Class Is Morally Superior To The Ruling Class

I wrote this article nearly a decade ago and held it, because the timing didn’t seem right. Now things have changed and it may do some good. And so, with just a bit of updating, here it is:

If you’re a producer, I’m talking about you, and I’m serious about this: You are morally superior to the suits and names who order everyone around. I’m not saying you’re without your flaws (Lord knows we all have them), but in comparison you are better, and clearly so. Continue reading “The Working Class Is Morally Superior To The Ruling Class”

Teaching Children How To Love

To my surprise and disappointment, I recently realized that I’ve never seen anything written on teaching children how to love. Showing by example, yes. Telling them they should, yes. But the direct, nuts and bolts of how to love, no.

My experience is limited, of course, everyone’s is, but I’ve been around and I’ve read a lot, and I’ve never seen anything directly addressing this. The closest I could think of was Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving, but that was clearly directed toward adults. Continue reading “Teaching Children How To Love”

Bringing The World Back To Reason

Our world has never been immensely reasonable, of course, but was it a lot better before COVID. So, moving back to reason is a critical concern for us now.

But before I get to specifics, I’d like to make one point very clearly. I know it will be hard for many people to take, and understandably so. But if we want to actually fix things, I think this is crucial: Continue reading “Bringing The World Back To Reason”

Teaching Children About Vulnerabilities

Humans have weaknesses and vulnerabilities. That’s unfortunate, of course, but by itself it’s not deeply problematic. What’s problematic is failing to identify and address them.

It’s important to understand that our species has already overcome plenty of vulnerabilities and thrived in spite of them. If this were not true, we’d be living like chimpanzees. Continue reading “Teaching Children About Vulnerabilities”

A Crucial Note To Everyone In IT

The central banks of the world are getting more and more serious about Central Bank Digital Currencies, CBDCs. And that means they are hiring.

Today I’m going to play the conscience of IT, and of engineering in general. That’s openly arrogant on my part, but I’m not seeing anyone else doing it, and it needs to be done. So be it. Continue reading “A Crucial Note To Everyone In IT”

Science: What it Is, What It Isn’t

Science, since it was monopolized by institutions and especially over the past two years, has become something quite other than what it was found to be during the early Enlightenment. That is, what is called science by the mouthpieces of the status quo is not what science was originally.

Children need to be familiarized with science proper, especially right now, or they will think the way things are is the way they’ve always been… because they are the only things they’ve ever experienced. Hence, this installment is dedicated to it… and them. Continue reading “Science: What it Is, What It Isn’t”