Single Issues Will Now Be Available

Starting Tuesday, April 16th, you’ll be able to buy single issues of our Free-Man’s Perspective and Parallel Society subscription newsletters.

Over time our subscription model evolved into a fairly large all-or-nothing deal: subscribe and get 150+ issues; don’t subscribe and get none of them. It is now time for a new model. So, please take a look through the issues that are now available:  it’s almost certain that several will interest you.

Our 12-issue subscriptions are still the best deal (and come with bonuses), but from here on, all our issues are for sale. Again, please look through the lists: a lot of important things are covered and you won’t find the same kind of coverage anywhere else.

We’re not expecting any bugs in the new build, but if you run into one, please let us know.

Thank you for your interest and support.


Paul Rosenberg