Start Your Days With Healthy Images

It’s a massive waste of time and energy, not to mention seriously depressing, to turn on your computer in the morning and get slapped with the worst news that can be found. It is a blow to your overall health., our sister site, is now an alternative. We are working up to a 365 day rotation of images and brief explanations of good, noble and uplifting things. It’s the right way for humans to begin their days.

We don’t sell anything at, and we don’t collect and sell people’s information. It is a public service site. We have only one discrete link to Free-Man’s Perspective, mainly so people can figure out who we are.

So, please take a look, and please spread the link. And please start your days there.

If you have a picture and story that would work for the site, passing it along would be much appreciated; 365 posts requires a lot of material.