The Barbarians Have Taken The Institutions

(Originally published July 22, 2020.)

Let’s be honest about something: We in the West have been overrun by a tidal wave of racial hatred, and it erupted from institutions “of higher learning.” Whatever exceptions may exist, this central fact is clear. We are free to close our eyes, of course, but when we choose to see, this is what stands in front of us.

What has been taught in the universities, and most powerfully in “elite” universities, bore a bumper crop of poisoned fruit. On top of that, the universities have both complied with and defended this barbarity.

Regardless of the fact that a few decent, humane academics still exist (and God bless them), the universities have spawned racial hate, defended it, and are unrepentant. They can no longer be taken seriously by adults. They have become fonts of barbarity.

The Prime Directive of Our Time

I’ve been carefully observing popular culture (and especially the American wing of it) since the 1970s, and I can identify its central demand: Man may not be seen as a noble being. (“Man” meaning mankind, of course.) That has been the real prime directive of the past half-century.

Prior to our era (and I’m old enough to have seen some of it), mankind was often held to be noble and dignified. And it showed throughout the culture.

How and why that was beaten out of the culture is a long story; suffice it to say that the most recent part involved a “long march through the institutions” by socialist types.

Western civilization had plenty of flaws, of course – every civilization has them – but this long march has not been an effort to repair things; it’s been a concerted effort to tear down… to slash and burn.

Bear in mind also that these barbarians have nothing of substance to replace what they’ve torn down. Socialism is the most discredited ideology in human history; no informed adult could overlook its death toll (100 million), it’s arrogant and stupid reliance on remaking human nature, and its bizarrely ignorant economics. Their other offerings like Deconstruction are self-contradictory on their face.

To put it succinctly, what the new lords of the institutions have to offer is anti-mind, anti-human and ultimately very deadly.

The Proof That Is Cancel Culture

By this point we’ve all seen people lose their jobs, nearly lose their jobs and be shoved off the public stage for the crime of being being ideologically impure. What I’d like you to remember is this:

Cancel culture would never work unless the institutions and companies who did the firing hadn’t already been taken by the barbarians.

I used to employ people, and if someone had come to me and said, “Your man Taylor up-voted a misogynistic post on Facebook, you must fire him,” there is no way I would have done it. (I once fired someone for assaulting a woman, but that’s a very different thing.) Cancel culture, in the darkest Maoist tradition, is malice cloaked in ideological purity.

Make no mistake, the backers of cancel culture, from the street to the board room, are barbarians. They get off on punishing people. And let me make this point very clearly:

Those who justify hate with dense philosophical nonsense are the same ones who will, further down that path, order killings in the name of purity.

Such are the people who currently control the institutions. If not, cancel culture couldn’t exist.

These institutions are lost and will not be recovered. It’s time to drop them and to start rebuilding Western civilization directly.

The good life requires us to be the responsible and reliable parties. All else are dreams of something for nothing, and we can no longer avoid the bitter fruit they bear.


Paul Rosenberg