The Corporatization Of Everything (Serfdom In Our Time)

I’m quite serious about the serfdom part. Please read on.

If you want millions of dollars thrown at your new company, the way to do it is in “tech,” which usually means a new Internet service. If you can find a way to suck a new part of people’s lives from the world of atoms to the world of data, your odds are good… far greater than trying to launch a construction company.

For the construction company you’ll have to beg for loans. For a clever new Internet service, Venture Capitalists (VCs) with huge wallets will happily listen to your pitch.

Here, in brief, is how this works:

    • Most of the things VCs fund will fail, but the ones that work (the “unicorns”), can make them fortunes.
    • The VCs end up owning most of the equity in the companies they finance. The people who start and operate the company bleed more equity with each new round of financing.
    • The VCs cash in when they take companies public. Once listed on the stock exchanges and promoted, people will pay enormous multiples of what those companies actually make. Lots of unicorns have sold billions of dollars worth of shares without ever turning a dollar of profit. The investing psychology of the age is such that people are eager to buy these stocks.
    • For the past generation, this model has worked, and so it continues without any serious examination.

This model works by corporatizing activities which were previously personal and private.

Consider these cases:

  • Facebook corporatized friendship.
  • Google corporatized finding information.
  • Visa corporatized payments.

And so on, some for the better in ways, but always at the expense of the private sphere. By this model, the corporation gets a cut, where previously there was no cut to be taken.

At this point, corporations are trying to rent you everything. Private ownership, after all, can’t really be corporatized. If a corporation is to make money this way, they need you to rent from them. And so they portray their systems as having some sort of added value, get you to believe that all the cool kids are doing it, and convince you to rent from them, for life.

Most people no longer buy DVDs or CDs, for example. Rather they “stream” music and video, never owning anything and forever dependent upon operations like Netflix.

There’s a reason Klaus Schwab blathered on about “You will own nothing and be happy.” That’s what this model produces. This was also the model of serfdom. The Schwabbian model breaks down the populace into owners (“stakeholders”) and renters (“people”).

The old words for this relationship were lord and serf.

You can see this in hedge funds buying up the houses of America, then renting them back to the old owner’s family and neighbors. The hedge funds get massively better financing that Joe Shmoe could get, and Joe’s younger relatives aren’t doing terribly well these days anyway.

And if corporatization requires some regulations to be made or altered, the corporations can purchase them easily enough… while Joe’s kids can’t.

Where This Goes

Klaus Schwab may have been evil, but he was not entirely stupid. He saw where this would go, and he ran with it.

The trajectory of this trend is for you to own nothing… for you to rent everything from stakeholders, leaving you beholden to them for almost everything.

Now, while the Schwab types get off on enserfing you, the corporate types usually don’t: they’re just following a model that works. They’re eager to get rich, and so they turn a blind eye to their roles in enserfing the masses. (“Hey, I’m not holding a gun to their heads.”) They get caught up in the unicorn fetish and become sociopathic in that area of their minds. (See The Mystery of Iniquity for an explanation.)

If you don’t like where this is heading, the fix is simple: Just drop out of their game.

The price of that fix is to let people call you names… just as they did to those who ditched serfdom back in the day.


Paul Rosenberg

3 thoughts on “The Corporatization Of Everything (Serfdom In Our Time)”

  1. The issue is – the number of people who don’t like where this is heading is alarmingly few.

    That small number of people dropping out of the game will have no impact. And the “mob rules” against those who see the truth. The rest of the world is mindlessly (brainwashed) following along.

    As you can see – the human mind is easily manipulated (fear, greed, envy, slothiness, laziness, etc). What no one has succeeded in doing yet – is using that same human “flaw” to reverse the tide.

    Hard to do when most attention-garnering outlets are controlled by the enemy.

    Have any suggestions on how to fix this? And more importantly – FAST?

    1. If we use a flaw to defeat a flaw, we strengthen the problem rather than weakening it.

      Our solution is to upgrade our friends and neighbors. That process is well underway and is more or less impossible to defeat. The abusers of mankind have enjoyed a prefect storm of manipulations, but that has already peaked. Our job is to plant good seeds, not to fight sociopathy and error. This strategy has worked, does work and will continue to work.

      Mankind is not always blind.

  2. Governments have always been ‘corporations’ following this patter , being ‘lords’ over ‘serfs’. All governments, since government was invented, have been fascist organized crime syndicates that exist by preying on innocent productive capitalist workers and owners. The essence of fascism consists of the 2 crimes of tax and regulatory extortion and bribes by government in the form of ‘benefits’ to parasites to get them to vote for them. Read my book “Fascism, Man’s Past v. Capitalism, Man’s Glorious Future” to see the way out. One of the elements of the solution is to abolish fascism by simply refusing to submit to the 2 crimes. When they say, “Pay or we’ll hurt you!”, tax terrorist extortion, or “Obey or we’ll hurt you!”, regulatory terrorist extortion, terrorize them right back with the N word, the favorite word of the 2 year old, “No!” Nothing terrorizes government terrorist fascists all over the world more than to be ignored. They have nothing more to offer than what they first steal. I haven’t paid taxes or submitted to regs for decades as they are 100% unconstitutional and against the law. Read the book and learn the law.

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