Was There A Real Jesus? And If So, What Did He Really Say?

Due to the number of questions I’ve received about Jesus, I think a podcast devoted to him is in order.

People addressing this material, from whatever angle, tend to have fiercely held opinions, cherry-picking facts around them. That makes these discussions very difficult, and I’ll do my best to avoid that trap. This is a fascinating subject, and removing dogmatic opinions is what opens it to us.

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2 thoughts on “Was There A Real Jesus? And If So, What Did He Really Say?”

  1. Paul.. here’s a Pentecostal preacher of 30 years who accepted the challenge to prove whether or not Jesus Christ ever existed. He claims that his research concludes that the name Jesus Christ was created in 325 AD by the emperor Constantine. Here’s what he says in his own words. https://youtu.be/QqFtpV4i4zs

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