So, You’ve Been Made Superfluous…

In the US, 94 million people have “dropped out of the workforce,” and the unemployment situation is often worse in Europe. The ruling systems of the West have made these people superfluous. If you’re one of them, I’m sorry. It’s happening to millions of people right now, and it’s a horrible thing. (And it’s going to continue.)
If you think this is your fault, you’re wrong. You are willing and capable of productive work, but the system has its own needs, and they no longer involve you.
Please get clear on this: The system doesn’t give a damn about you and never will, unless you suit its needs. All those “we care about you” speeches are sucker-bait.

“I’m Not a Charity Case”

Here are a few lines from the song Blue Collar Man, by Styx. See if any of them resonate with you.

Give me a job, give me security

Give me a chance to survive

I’m just a poor soul in the unemployment line

My God, I’m hardly alive

My mother and father, my wife and my friends

You see them laugh in my face

But I’ve got the power and I’ve got the will

I’m not a charity case

My message to you is this:

You do have the power, and you do have the will. But the system has no place for you; it needs you to be a charity case. If you want more than that for your life, you’ll have to make it yourself.

Read on and I’ll explain how that’s done.

The Will and the Power

We’ve all been seduced into discounting our own will. We’ve been trained to abandon it to the system. And so long as that pattern holds, the only hope you have is that the system will reform itself to suit you… and that almost never happens. How many times in a row do we play the sucker before we stop believing the system and its agents? Let’s make this clear:

Your government has no idea what to do with you, aside from keeping you permanently distracted and giving you just enough handouts to survive.

So, if you want things to get better, you’ll have to exercise your own will.
Yes, I know you’ve been taught never to hold your own thoughts supreme. And being taught that repetitively, you did what everyone else did: You demoted your own mind and obeyed Teacher. And by so doing, we handed our minds to the system.
We were children of course and too young to realize what we were doing. Nonetheless, it remains our responsibility to pull our minds out of that trap. And this is necessary, because once you reclaim your will – once you start to act on your own judgment – you will have power. And not until.

Words Are Impotent

Please understand that changing your situation requires action, not words. You can play with words forever to no effect. And that’s just what the system wants. Write letters to your congressman, support the party-hack of your choice, and so on, without end. They want you to limit yourself to words… which ensures that nothing really changes.
But when you get up and act, not only does the world change, you change.

The Usual Problem

The fear of acting is a lot like the fear of public speaking; it can be profound and debilitating. People freeze, or they jump to wild, all-or-nothing concepts. (Starting small is just fine.)
So, please understand, what I’m talking about here is acting on your own will, whatever that entails. Anyone who hands you a plan to follow is squeezing your will out of the equation.
Yes, it’s scary to act on your own, but you have to do it anyway. Below I’m going to make some suggestions. But I’m only doing this because I know how minds can freeze up at such moments, and I want to make this step easier for you. Do not misconstrue this as a plan of some sort; I’m just listing ideas to get your mind moving. You must choose, and you must act. You must accept responsibility.

Hopefully this list has jogged your mind at least a bit. Acting on thoughts like these are the first steps on a path to real liberation, and there is no substitute. You have to act on your own, without permission.
Your other option is to watch TV, buy the products they promote, maintain your Facebook addiction, and die young. That’s what the system expects of superfluous people.

* * * * *

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Paul Rosenberg

4 thoughts on “So, You’ve Been Made Superfluous…”

  1. Paul, I’m not going to argue against you here. As usual, you write good stuff — as far as good stuff goes.
    Perhaps it’s just that I’m getting old (is 81 old???). And maybe I’ve been an anarchist just too long in an unfree world. It could be that I’ve allowed myself to become totally agnostic. Not toward belief in creation or a Creator necessarily (although I’m a fer cry from associating with that group of religionists who call themselves “creationists” — or any other religiopolitical group for that matter).
    I tend to see too many “libertarian” and/or “anarchist” (I’ve never seen a decent outline of the difference) writers and speakers flounder. It seems they stop short of willingness to completely and irretrievably dive off the cliff of comfortable collectivism into the cold reality of anarchy. It’s just too tempting to hedge one’s bets. We live in a world where it seems 99.99% of individuals do not — cannot — subscribe to personal anarchy. It’s a lonely feeling to know you’re the .01%.
    So many (most) “anarchists” spend a lot of time bloviating over how “we” might bring-anarchy-about — or what it might be like once it magically comes into fruition. Few seem willing to recognize that anarchy is the way one lives her life. It is not another “system” by which individuals might once again become bogged down.
    You might be superfluous. I’m not. Were I to feel superfluous it would be due to my whining and whimpering over the behaviors of others. In order to survive the cold h2o of anarchy I had to acquire serenity to accept conditions and behaviors I cannot change (“…willingness to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference…” You know the old Serenity Prayer).
    Those who are “in a system” are in a bind. I can feel empathy, but I must not get caught up in their plight. Anarchy requires me to sidestep and circumnavigate their beasts and their dragons. That hasn’t changed.
    You do a good job making recommendations for sidestepping the system, Paul. I salute you for that. I’m still studying “Bitcoin” — resisting the temptation to get involved due to patriotism toward my fellow libertarians. Lots of unanswered questions nobody has been capable of identifying as yet. Sam

    1. Hi Sam,
      Just a few quick comments:
      “is 81 old???” – Hehe… years ago I would have said “yes, of course,” but as time goes on, I see my opinion morphing. 🙂
      Bitcoin – It’s not perfect, but it’s a decentralized system that creates open space for the future to take shape. Whether it lasts another year or another millennium, I am happy to have it.
      Anarchy – Just be what you are and let the tags fall where they may.
      Superfluous – Of course no one who contributes to the advancement of the species is truly superfluous.
      Rock on, amigo.

  2. Paul – I don’t think people want truly free markets like OpenBazaar. Without regulation we see the worst of humanity – child porn and assassinations for sale. I think that’s where we lose the public with OpenBazaar or Silk Road, and possibly with the freedom movement overall.

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