COVID Is A Frankenvirus, And It’s Not Going Away

It’s now clear that COVID-19 was created by scientists, on purpose. If you have any doubts, please see here and here. We had a paper trail months ago and we have a paved paper trail now. What remains in doubt is our ability to deal with such facts.

The Dr. Frankensteins of this drama were:

    • Tony Fauci, who wrote the checks for gain of function research, and who received detailed reports of how well it was working in humanized mice. (And who publicly lied about it ever since.)
    • Peter Daszak, for more or less the same reasons.
    • The National Institutes of Health, which was deeply involved all through.
    • The US government, who provided and oversaw the funding.
    • The Chinese government, who provided their own oversight and funding, as well as crucial materials and scientists.

More than likely there were others, but this much seems clear.

And yes, I think COVID is fairly described as a Frankenvirus. In fact, that’s more or less the only honest way to describe it: It was purposely created, and purposely created to be dangerous.

And if so, every person who has been killed, sickened or inconvenienced by this virus is a victim of regulatory, scientific and bureaucratic malfeasance running far beyond the wreckage of the fictional Dr. Frankenstein.

What remains is for us to accept and deal with the facts… or to fail at doing so.

Bear in mind, please, that accepting this will be difficult for people. They’ll seek slogans and narratives that spare them from having to see it.

The paper trail indicates that Fauci, et al, caused massive suffering. Whether it was driven by malice or hubris is an open issue; how it leaked from the lab is yet another question, and I don’t think we have enough information to answer it… if it is answerable at this point.

COVID Is Not Going Away

Between January and March of this year, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) tested 385 blood samples from deer in four US states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois and New York. Forty percent of them carried SARS-CoV-2 antibodies (meaning that they were infected at some point), and none of the deer showed signs of illness.

Furthermore, it has been well established that coronaviruses jump between species.

The fact being that humans and deer live in widely overlapping habitats, a permanent pool of the virus is clearly in placeand would remain in place even if COVID vaccines worked as advertised. Remember, it doesn’t seem to kill the deer, meaning that it can spread perpetually.

So, with something like 98% certainty, COVID is here to stay. We can either treat it like a flu or we can panic into oblivion.

What Now?

What happens next is fundamentally up to us… all of us. If we stay plugged into the televised/social media Matrix, what happened following the Tuskegee experiment will happen here: Officialdom and the media universe will close ranks and protect their own.

Remember, please, that after keeping 399 poor black men sick with syphilis for thirty years after a cheap cure was found, no one went to jail, no one was prosecuted and no one lost their job. More than that, the most respected medical organizations in the US were involved (the CDC, AMA, and the Dept. Of Health, Education and Welfare) but all retained their authority.

That’s the model for COVID.

You can draw your own conclusions, but I’m pretty well convinced that almost every government entity (including states) and every major media operation has protected the guilty for almost two years. And if they didn’t know what they were doing, they acted as craven sycophants.

These outfits misdirected the public’s focus and, especially, misdirected their passions, doing everything they could to make us fight among ourselves rather than focus on the crime at hand.

Bear in mind, please, that I’m not particularly interested in justice for this, as vile as it was. I’m rather interested in truth. And the truth of COVID-19’s creation is clear: It is a Frankenvirus, purposely created. Either that or we claim that it appeared in precisely the same place and time – among all places and times – by accident.

We have multiple paper trails and we know who the players were. And, of course, we have a clear view of how much death and mayhem they caused.

The question of what to do about this is an important one for us: We can either turn into a lynch mob or we can condemn and reject the system that gave it to us, tossing it into the dustbin of history. I’d prefer the latter.

Justice is something of a human necessity, but going for it in a situation like this is dangerous. Hate and revenge warp our characters and disrupt our personal lives.

If I owned a restaurant and Tony Fauci walked in, I’d shove him back out the door and hopefully restrain myself from doing much more. The same goes for his partners.

And while I won’t join a mob, I will remind people that every organization involved – causing it, covering it up, or both – should be condemned and rejected… permanently rejected.

The human race was just savaged by a man-made monster. Now we’ll have to deal with it.

You have my condolences.


Paul Rosenberg

5 thoughts on “COVID Is A Frankenvirus, And It’s Not Going Away”

  1. Wait a sec, Paul… the The Intercept article doesn’t indicate that it was a GoF-created virus that leaked. The documents show the researchers were very worried about bites and field work.

    About a year ago, Chris Martenson was talking about a gene sequence stuck in the middle of the thing, sharply distinguishing it from other SARS viruses. I haven’t heard more about that, but that would seem to be the most important clue.

    Bigger issue for me is why was the US supporting that research *in China*. Doesn’t the US see that country as an economic and cultural enemy? If not, “derp”.

    Lastly, evil intent’s obviously possible, but GoF also makes sense as a “if we don’t do it and learn, someone else will do it and use it against us” strategy. Except for the China part…

    1. No prob, Greg, but they clearly manufactured dangerous coronaviruses – just like this one – and tested them for efficacy:

      “The viruses they constructed were tested for their ability to infect mice that were engineered to display human type receptors on their cell,” Ebright wrote to The Intercept after reviewing the documents. Ebright also said the documents make it clear that two different types of novel coronaviruses were able to infect humanized mice.

      Then, of course, COVID-19 appears in precisely the same place.
      And, to be clear, I’m not saying evil intent is certain, and I’m not even interested in discovering whether it was.
      Lacking a signed admission, I think we have enough to call this a working conclusion.

  2. The Epoch Times article wants me to create an account to read, and I don’t want to do that. Do you happen to know if there’s another source for whatever that article claims? And does that article provide any evidence for whatever it claims other than what we’ve seen so far, which amounts to “it was a lab-created virus because we waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnttttttttttttt it to have been a lab-created virus?”

    1. Hi Tom. Try here:

      Not sure why Epoch does that to you and not me… maybe a javascript thing.

      And yeah, in this kind of confused and angry environment it’s easy for people to default to core inclinations. And going against the status quo requires a lot of voltage, which leads us to fly a bit wildly. But, you already knew that. 🙂


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