“Green” Means “Poor”

Those of us who aren’t mainlining TV and Facebook have a fairly clear understanding that the rulership of the West is in trouble: their debts are far beyond payable, while the global East and South are starting to pull away. Having only two primary options – system collapse or reduced standards of living – they are opting for the second.

The great challenge facing rulership, then, is to make their flocks accept being poorer… to get used to being poor. And to make that happen, they’re promoting a new religion, which we can simply call Green.

The real purpose of the Green faith is for you to welcome lower standards of living.

For example, “sustainable agriculture,” no matter how reverently it’s name is intoned, actually means “lower crop yields and fewer animals per acre.” All the rest is misdirection… “Boob bait for the Bubbas,” as an old senator used to say.

Sustainable agriculture is built around an insane posit: That bureaucrats, a thousand miles away and with zero experience, know how to use specific pieces of land better than farmers and ranchers who’ve been working them all their lives. It is, as an old saying goes, so ridiculous that only an intellectual could believe it.

Reason, careful examination and mental sobriety don’t apply to Green, of course; the entire exercise requires their elimination.

Notice also that the new style of urban planning delivers poor housing. You’ve seen it: Apartment blocks clustered around bus or train stations, running right to the curb, with stores on the bottom and small, “efficient” apartments above. Spacious homes and lovely back yards have retreated into yesterday. For modern times we must cue the Soviet apparatchik voice: You will live this way and you will be happy.

Green is all about getting you to accept this, and without blaming your overlords.

So, please try to hold this in mind: If the lords of Green get their way, you will be powerless and beholden to your rulers for almost everything.

I urge you to consider how things have worked out for people who’ve been dependent upon government over the past half-century. That is precisely where Green leads. That is where Green must lead. It it does not achieve this, the rulers of the West stand in grave jeopardy.

I’ll start wrapping this up with a passage from issue #114 of our subscription newsletter:

As for calling Green a religion, consider that its adherents believe they are saving the world. They have heretics, in the form of “deniers,” and Satan figures such as Donald Trump. They share the dogma of “consensus” and congregations in the form of Facebook groups. The institutions they control train children in “climate issues.” They have outposts in the form of municipal planning committees. They have seminaries in the form of city planning and political science programs. The proclamations of their prophets (“climate scientists”) are revered, and their many failed prophecies are flatly ignored.

The purpose of Green is for you to drop into a mania, believing that your dogma – which only evil, hateful people could ever doubt – is more important than anything else in the world, including your own comfort and happiness.

I could go on (their “science” is garbage), but this point needs to be made. And we all need to speak it, regardless of heretic punishers.


Paul Rosenberg


6 thoughts on ““Green” Means “Poor””

  1. Paul, do you believe any of the reports from the last, say, 50 years documenting the degradation of the natural environment?

    1. It depends on how we define “degradation,” of course, but sure, the weather changes all the time and people make stupid messes from time to time. Thus it was 800 years ago (when the northern hemisphere was warmer than now), thus it was at 3000 BC (also warmer than now) and so it shall remain for quite some time.

    2. I grew up in a socialist/communist country and you could think that this country was paradise for greenies. 100 vehicles per 1000 people, public transportation and communal housing were booming, fewer factories, many farmers used horses for plowing, no pesticides, no artificial fertilisers. And you know what? Environment was dying, water, air, soil was very polluted, forests, lakes, sea were treated as a free landfill. Everyone was so poor that he didn’t give a shit about “saving planet” just look at some places in Africa or Asia . 30 years later after pro free market reforms, people got wealthier more educated and today they really take care of environment.

  2. There are 3 socialist or communist countries in the Americas that have “free medical, education, etc”
    After these benefits Cuba is the wealthiest, each person gets $25 per month for food and everything else.
    Venezuela with twice the petroleum reserve as Saudi Arabia, gets $3 per month (not enough for breakfasts).
    Nicaragua receives handouts somewhere between the other two.

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