The Weaponization of Medicine

Whether or not we can express it clearly, or even perceive it clearly, I think nearly every adult grasps that medicine is now being used as a weapon. 

I am not a doctor, but I’ve been surrounded by medical professionals since my youth, beginning with my mom, who was not only an RN, but Head Nurse at two different hospitals. I’ve also been involved with science for a long time.

I’ll be brief, making just five primary points. But we’ve been losing science and we’ve been losing medicine; that is flatly unacceptable.

#1: Science is not consensus. Ten, one hundred, or a million people, all draped in lab coats and saying the same thing, does NOT make it so. In fact, it matters not at all. It’s nothing but theater, and it’s anti-science.

All science is, really, is a process of testing ideas; it is not an organization, it is not based upon authority (it’s inherently anti-authority), and it is very certainly not allied with power. All that matters in science are verifiable results.

#2: Medicine stands apart from, and above, politicsMedicine is the application of science to the furtherance of human health. Politics is the use of persuasion and power to rule masses of humans. These are fully separate disciplines. To place politics over medicine is to subjugate and degrade medicine: it’s a path backwards into darkness.

I’ll leave details on this point to working medical practitioners, who can provide them with far greater specificity than I can… provided they’re not too frightened to do so.

#3: Peer review no longer means much. Again I won’t go into great detail, but peer review has been captured by academic hierarchies and very often separated from science proper. It has become a tool of institutional power, wielded by academics who have sold out science for the favors of power and politics.

At one time, “peer review” referred to the honest replication of experiments. That time is largely past.

#4: Medicine and science have nothing to do with social pressure. Once “medicine” and “science” are mixed with social pressure, they are no longer science or medicine. At that point they are instruments of manipulation and thuggery, nothing more.

#5: If you don’t read multiple scientific papers, especially from rebels and cast-outs, you simply don’t know. You can pretend you know, of course, and you can be sure that agents of the status quo will provide you with passable reasons to repeat their slogans, but you won’t actually know.

What you see on TV is propaganda. What you see on Facebook and YouTube is pre-censored. If you want to really know, you’ll have to find the scientific papers that address your question… and you’ll need papers that are rejected by televised authorities. If you don’t, all you’ll have are pre-censored conclusions, the underlying facts of which may or may not be reliable.

At this point, if you don’t include “conspiracy theory” research, you’re more or less stuck with Orwell’s Ministry of Truth. Sad but mostly true.

The Problem Is Emotional Weakness

The problem underlying all of this is not intellectual strength, it’s emotional strength. It’s not that people are stupid, it’s that they haven’t the strength to face unauthorized truth:

    • Having been trained in submission to authority, to then speak against an authority is terrifying. And so people find ways to ignore truth (which has no backing but itself) and to sanctify authority, which is backed by everything from shame to guns.
    • The fear of appearing stupid – of being publicly exposed as stupid – can be overwhelming. And with “important” people tearing up anyone not in lockstep with them, defiance seems too expensive.
    • Power being wrong calls too much into question. If the high and mighty can be publicly wrong, repeatedly and adamantly, what can’t be called into question? And if everything can be questioned, one must face the world alone.
    • Once people act upon fear, turning the other way sets them up for attacks… many types of attacks.  

None of these things have any connection to truth, only to power and intimidation. And that is anti-science, no matter how much it masquerades as science.


Paul Rosenberg

4 thoughts on “The Weaponization of Medicine”

  1. Paul- Have you given any significant attention to what Mary Baker Eddy has said about science, theology and medicine (which happens to be one of the chapter titles in her work Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures)? I’m pretty sure you would find her insight useful, as I certainly have.

  2. Years back (2004), I read an excellent book by french author Olivier Clerc (Medicine, Religion et Peur; l’influence cachee des croyances) which laid out the idea that medicine has become the new world religion.
    (Modern Medicine: The New World Religion: How Beliefs Secretly Influence Medical Dogmas and Practices)

    physicians have taken the place of priests; 
    vaccination plays the same initiatory role as baptism, and is accompanied by the same threats and fears; 
    the search for health has replaced the quest for salvation; 
    the fight against disease has replaced the fight against sin;
    eradication of viruses has taken the place of exorcising demons;
    the hope of physical immortality (cloning, genetic engineering) has been substituted for the hope of eternal life; 
    pills have replaced the sacrament of bread and wine;
    donations to cancer research take precedence over donations to the church;
    a hypothetical universal vaccine could save humanity from all its illnesses, as the Saviour has saved the world from all its sins;
    the medical power has become the government’s ally, as was the Catholic Church in the past;
    “charlatans” are persecuted today as “heretics” were yesterday;
    dogmatism rules out promising alternative medical theories; 
    the same absence of individual responsibility is now found in medicine, as previously in the Christian religion; 
    patients are alienated from their bodies, as sinners used to be from their souls.

    1. Good comparisons, and there’s the added kicker that allopathic medicine is a business which doesn’t want competition and crushes it whenever it can. Of course there are the few noble practitioners who aren’t in it primarily for the money but they seem to be outnumbered and outgunned by those guarding their turf.

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